Alasdair Watson

I'm a technologist and live games designer living in London. I've led tech teams at start ups and in larger organisations. My personal tech focus is on back end development and application architecture, and I have a passion for helping small to medium organisations develop good practices around staff retention and development. As well as technology, I also run an events company, specialising in LARP and other events designed to create experiences centered around emotional engagement.

This site is a quick catch all to help people I meet find the most appropriate/useful information about me.


If you're interested in hiring me, this is my CV. It's an out-of-date PDF at present, until I have time to rebuild it. Professional, I know.


I maintain an infrequent blog that is unlikely to be of any interest to anyone but me - a collection of links I don't want to lose, and a sporadic diary of the more interesting events in my life.